Procedure for the complaints

For confidentiality purposes, only complaints received from investors or from persons who have the investor’s express and written authorization will be considered.

- The complaints shall be made in writing by letter to the following address: Cube Infrastructure Managers, 41, avenue de la Liberté, L-1931 Luxembourg , Attn: Mr. Henri Piganeau

Within a maximum period of 10 business days after the receipt of a complaint, Cube IM sends to the complainant a written acknowledgement of receipt. Unless the answer itself is provided to the complainant within this period, Cube IM will inform the investor of:

- The name and the contact details of the person handling the complaint.

- An indicative timetable for handling the complaint.

Cube IM shall inform the complainant about the decision made as promptly as possible and in any case, no later than 30 business days after receiving the complaint.

Where an answer can not be provided within this period, Cube IM will inform the complainant of the causes of the delay and indicate the date at which its examination is likely to be achieved (e.g. intervention of external advisors).

Out-of-court complaint resolution procedure with the CSSF

Where the complainant did not receive an answer or a satisfactory answer within the period of 30 business days after Cube IM receives the complaint, the investor may file a request with the CSSF.

Further information on this out-of-court complaint resolution procedure is available on the CSSF website (